Welcome to BlueSky Wireless, the home of unified communications.

What do we do?

The simple answer is we provide middleware solutions to unify communications between equipment and people.

What does that mean?

That typically is different dependent upon which market sector you’re in. If, for example you work within the hospitality sector then you have certain responsibilities.

You have the safety of your clients and staff, safety from fire, floods, lone workers (staff) even bombs these alarms would typically be raised by fire alarm systems, building management systems or by a receptionist manually raising them via your existing telephone system.

You also have to provide your clients with first class service be it room service, quality of the room, quality of their food, security of their valuables the list is endless. You may or may not already have a food hygiene monitoring system, a maintenance monitoring system a guest room service system and security system.

All these disparate systems and processes add up to a lot of maintenance – many people being responsible for different aspects of your business.

Our solutions provide one interface to many disparate systems providing a single solution that is extremely configurable whereby we take any output signal from an analogue, digital i/o or serial interface – it doesn’t matter, we then apply business rules that you have configured then pass those outputs as alarms to any format that the rule states, be an email, sms text message or desktop or mobile VoIP phone message, we can now also provide enunciated messages.

As an example the fire alarm is activated, the fire panel provides an output signal, we take that signal and raise pre alarms to your fire personnel allowing them to organise an efficient and safe evacuation of the building.

Another example you have expensive wine in your cellar a flood or change in temperature would damage the stock if either occurs your building management system provides an output, again we take that output and forward it automatically and instantly to the specified owners of that alarm.

BlueSky’s products have been designed to be scalable, secure and simple to use. The BlueSky Messaging System can be used to significantly reduce the payback time on WiFi networks and wireless VoIP telephony.

BlueSky Wireless works closely with voice, data and IT resellers to provide them with wireless services to meet the most demanding end users requirements.

If you are a reseller of voice and/or Data solutions we look forward to speaking with you.